Las Cruces Parks and Recreation App


Learn All About Your Parks!AppIcon1024

Did you know the City of Las Cruces has more than 100 parks covering over 700 acres?  Do you know where they’re located?  Do you know which parks have basketball courts or restrooms?  Do you know how to get to the parks?

Find all this information and more in the Las Cruces Parks and Recreation app, available for free on the Apple App store. Click here to download the app.

AppStoreBadgeRead on to learn more about how the Las Cruces Parks and Recreation app can work for you!


Browse the Full List of ParksParkTypes

Scroll through a listing of all the city parks by type: Community Parks, Athletic Fields, Neighborhood Parks, Pools, Community Gardens, Trails, and more.

Use the search field in this tab to look for parks by name, street or park amenity.


 ParkTypesDetailGet Directions to a Park

Click the arrow next to any park name to find out what’s available at each park (drinking fountains, playground equipment, etc.) and to see where the parks are located on a city map. You can also get directions to the park in real time from your current location!






Locate Parks on a Map Across the CityParkTypes2 

Use the “Locations” tab to see all Las Cruces parks on a map of the City, displayed by location, park type, or City Council district.

Tap on any park pin to get more information!





 NearMeFind Parks Near You

Use the app to find parks close to your current location.  Just tap on the “Near Me” tab and you’ll get a list of the closest parks.

You can also use the search feature in this tab to find the closest parks with particular amenities like basketball courts, water fountains, tennis courts, picnic tables, or grills.





Browse Through Photos of the ParksUnidad.JPG

Are you wondering what some of the parks look like? Use the “Photos” tab to scroll through pictures of a selection of parks in Las Cruces.



MoreInfoReport a Problem, Ask a Question

The Las Cruces Parks and Recreation app allows you to simply click on an email or phone button to report a problem at a park or to ask a question. Tap on the Parks & Rec logo and you’ll connect to their website.

The app is integrated with social media (Facebook, Twitter) and you can also send feedback about the app!





Download the Las Cruces Parks and Recreation app today and start making the most of your city parks!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: